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for teams of all sizes!

Transform the whole department into an
unrivaled, dominating
force to be reckoned with!

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10 hours of training + consulting

up to 5 team members



100 hours of training + consulting

up to 10 team members



500 hours of training + consulting

up to 15 team members



1,000 hours of training + consulting

up to 25 team members



5,000 hours of training + consulting

up to 50 team members

Hi I'm Michael Hurley,

An expert marketing specialist, world class over 3x over with over 15 years working experience as a digital marketing strategist!

I will train your teams to make better, more informed decisions, based on in-depth research, utilizing a deeper understanding of the processes, workflows and tools.

Online Courses:

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Best Ever!

Michael really imparted a deep working knowledge of the top industry tools and taught our team how to work together and use them to make better marketing decisions based on real data, invaluable!

—Anonymous CMO


You can't put a price on the level of understanding Michael gave our team. His insight into how modern marketing works and how to take advantage of all the available data really is priceless.

—Anonymous Director of Marketing

Truly Remarkable!

If anyone passes up the opportunity to glean any knowledge of this marketing team guru, I wish you the best, taken advantage of what Michael had to offer our marketing department was one of the best decisions our company has ever made, his hands-on working knowledge built our team. He is truly remarkable!

—Anonymous CMO